Ownership Ladder

How a Smart Employee Can Buyout the Boss

The Ownership Ladder is about smart employees who buy out the current owner of a business. The Ownership Ladder will help you understand a secret that leads you to ownership. The Ownership Ladder, like a career ladder, is a powerful way to gain control over the direction of your life.

The Ownership Ladder is based on the concept of internal succession. It is taught at Harvard and Stanford business schools too. According to John Mill, Author of Hire Your Buyer A Philosophy of Value Creation, “The Harvard Business Review Guide to Buying a Small Business advises MBA graduates that the opportunity to buy undervalued small businesses is so lucrative that they should see it as an “exciting third path” after big company careers and risky start-ups.”

What is Internal Succession? When an employee, or two, or a group of employees buy a business as INSIDE buyers from the owner it is an INTERNAL SUCCESSION. Contrast that with an EXTERNAL Acquisition. External buyers, while desirable to your owner boss, rarely arrive on their white horse with a check in hand. It is this reality that makes you and your other partners very valuable to your owner. Ownership is now a possible dream for many of you who may have thought ownership is out of reach.

Don't worry that you haven't got financial resources. The book shows you the way it's done. (Secret. Almost no one pays cash up-front for a business. Don't let the IPO market distract you. It's not the real world.) ​

Our web site has valuable resources. Instead of a restatement of the book you’ll find a windfall of hand-selected links to virtually every concept related to buying a business whether it is internal succession or other forms of ownership. The site takes you worldwide to see small businesses facing the same situation that businesses in the USA face. 

Join our membership list and we’ll notify you about the upcoming e-course and other valuable benefits we’ll create based on demand. There will be a second book and we are always finding others who are writing on this subject as it goes viral.



These are some key concepts we cover:

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  • Change of Business Ownership

  • exit planning

  • exit planning primer


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