There are millions of businesses
available for you to own.


You just need to know how to
make it happen.


Let this book help you join the owners

and be the GAME CHANGER.

The facts:

Millions of businesses are privately held

and most are owned by people born
between 1945 and 1962 (age 57 in 2019).

That generation is retiring at massive scale.
10,000 per day 
365 days per year
(over 40 million by 2035)

You are the successors needed NOW! 
You are the power generations.


We're here to help you learn.

You are smart. Your boss owns
the business but doesn't know
how to sell it and retire.





It doesn't matter where you are.  Business succession and the aging of the baby boom is happening.  Daily!

It's true wherever you are.  You could be reading this in Australia or New Zealand.  You could be reading this in the EU.  In Taiwan or the Philippines. 

In the United States or India.  Anywhere business is done.



Contributing to something bigger

and more important
IS the most important thing.


How can being a business owner help you contribute?  How can it help you feel good about your life?  That is why you are here.   To learn how to be a business owner in an efficient way.  By learning this you can allow your purpose to show up in your life with more certainty.  You see, it is hard to work ALL the time and also find a way to contribute to those things that are most important to you. 

What if there were a way to have it all?


First and foremost, I am a mentor and I want to help you.  How did I get to this point?

I am one of the few boomers worldwide who has sold a business while also successfully being the key part of four internal succession plans.  You see?  As you learn about this you'll also learn that fewer than 30% of small business sales succeed.  There is some secret sauce to it and we'll explore that together.


My upcoming book will help buyers, especially GenX and Millennial buyers, as they seek to make their boomer boss fascinated with the idea of an internal succession.  I know my experiences will clarify your thinking and help set aside some of your natural fears about internal succession.  

More importantly, you need to help your boomer boss get comfortable with the idea that you, a younger person, is the ideal buyer of their business.

In the book I am going to help you get started.  You need to learn one vital fact.  You don't have to have some vast source of wealth.  You need a few important things:  1) Drive.  2) Intelligence.  3) Confidence. And there are more but these will get you started.

You can DO this.

The book

Will help young business
people understand
how to position
yourselves as
the ideal buyer
of your boss' business.

      Bill is author, mentor,

         small business expert


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